Meet Skip: An Interview with the Newest Marley on the Block

April 14, 2015

Words by Selector Iscious
Photos by Maria Izaurralde

The youngest member of the Marley movement, 18-year-old Skip has just released a debut single that he wrote and arranged, โ€œCry to Me.โ€ We were in attendance at The Get Together in Miami in February for his first-ever performance, and caught up with the โ€œSkippaโ€ not long after for his very first interview.

Skipโ€™s mother is none other than Cedella Marley, of Melody Makers and Tuff Gong International fame, and Bob and Ritaโ€™s first-born daughter. Having grown up amongst reggae royalty, surrounded by Grammy-award winning uncles, Skip certainly does not have far to look for inspiration and guidance. We’re looking forward to seeing how far he carries on the Marley torch to reggae fans around the world.

LargeUp: How did you get the name Skip?

Skip: Many people referred to my grandfather as โ€œThe Skipperโ€ meaning the captain. My mother, Cedella, was fond of this name and I guess thought it was the right fit for I.

LU: We saw you play the guitar at the Get Together in Miami. What kind of guitars do you like to play? Do you play any other instruments?

Skip: I play the Ovation Gibson, Cordoba Martin Yamaha, the piano and dabble in the drums.

LU: The girls were really feeling you in Miami. What do you look for in a girl?

Skip: I am focused solely on my music right now but I like natural beauty and authenticity.

LU: There’s a wave of Marley kids making music nowโ€”your cousins. Have you been in the studio with any of them? What’s the chance of you all coming together to do a project like the previous generation has done.

Skip: I am always around my cousins, in the studio, playing music or touring. We are blessed to be such a close family that appreciate and further our grandfatherโ€™s legacy. Stay tuned for future collaborations.

LU: Clearly, your grandfather Bob Marley is a huge influence, and growing up around your uncles, they must be as well. Are there any unexpected influences that you are inspired by as well?

Skip: Jimi Hendrix for his style. John Mayer because he is an excellent guitar player, and Ed Sheeran for his performance style. He can captivate a stadium when itโ€™s just him and his guitar.

LU: What is your favorite Bob Marley song of all time, and why?

Skip: I canโ€™t choose a favorite, as they all are great in their own way.

LU: What can you tell us about your day to day life–do you play any sports, or cook?

Skip: Music is my life right now. I am working tirelessly on finishing the first EP and constantly improving myself as a musician. Of course, I make time for my family and friends and studies.