LargeUp Premiere: Christopher Martin’s ‘Steppin Razor’ Video

March 16, 2015

Words by Tene’ Young

Reggae artist Christopher Martin is as sharp as a razor in his new music video for “Steppin Razor.” The Jamaican heartthrob showcases his skills as the ultimate ladies’ man on the song, giving fair warning to any woman who may cross his path.

The comedy-infused video offers a lighthearted and entertaining look at a “typical” night out with Martin. An assortment of beauties serve as his guests for the evening, proving Martin’s charm is indeed ‘dangerous’ and undeniable. Women fall hard and will do anything in order to be the sole person at the receiving end of his charm. They even engage in a physical fight in front of Martin, to which he nonchalantly responds by allowing security to handle the situation. By the end of the song, one lucky lady is the apple of his eye.

Chris’ smooth crooning on the track, matched with his confident demeanor establishes a sense of invincibility, and therein lies the connection to Peter Tosh’s similarly-named 1977 named classic. “I am saying a steppin’ razor is sharper than the rest, it is having so much confidence in yourself that whatever you are doing you are going to be sharp in it, whether it is with women, school work or how you dress,โ€ Martin explains. โ€œIt has nothing to do with money, it all boils down to belief in yourself, confidence and high self-esteem.โ€

The song is off of Martin’s upcoming EP, also titled Steppin Razor, on VP Records. Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.