Endless Wine: A Guide to Fetin’ at Trinidad Carnival

February 6, 2015


MOMENTUM: SOCA + EDM – 12/02 (10pm- 4am)
Mix up the vibe a bit by tossing some EDM, reggae and hip-hop into your soca. For 2015, the Momentum crew have brought in some international heavy hitters including Cash Cash, US DJ Bourgeous, rap’s big new duo Rae Sremmurd, and Jamaican dancehall superproducer/artist Rvssian alongside Trini soca royalty. Need more incentive? Check out Machel and Major Lazerโ€™s โ€˜Sound Bangโ€™ video, part of which was shot at last year’s edition of the event.

Cost: US$50 (Courtyard) -US$70 (Platinum)