Endless Wine: A Guide to Fetin’ at Trinidad Carnival

February 6, 2015


MAI TAI “Soca In Paradise” – 08/02 (3pm-11pm)

FLIGHT CRUISE Carnival Cooler Experience – 08/02 (4pm – 11pm)

Two different, equally stellar experiences. The right party for you really depends on your personal taste and what part of the island you want to hit. Mai Tai is a ‘premium all-inclusive’ event with a menu includes Scotch-infused pork and French Cut lamb loin, and high-end drink options. The venue is the beautiful Brechin castle in Central Trinidad and there will be free shuttle service for patrons, available from two central points on the island. Check them out at www.caesarsarmy.com for tickets and links to their other premium Carnival events.

Cost – approx US$110

Cooler fetes are all the rage, and Flight Cruise has been the premiere cooler experience since 2006. This year, they celebrate their ninth anniversary with another stellar event featuring surprise artistes and international DJs. Walk in with your drinks and your crew, and jam the time away.

Cost – US$50