Taste Test: Trini-Style Amaro from Angostura

February 5, 2015

Words by Nnkeka Nurse
Photo by Jennifer Mitchell

Angostura 2

Just in time for Carnival, House of Angostura is inviting us to Trinidad with their newest blended liquor, Amaro di Angostura. Known globally as the only rum distillery in Trinidad and the go-to brand for bitters, I was excited to taste this new addition to the Angostura family, packaged in a 750-ml bottle retailing for $24.99.

Angostura has elevated the classic Amaro liquor, traditionally a digestive drink from the Italy region, with an earthier flavor. House of Angostura’s version is also spicier and sweeter, blended with the base of Angostura bitters and flavored like the Caribbean. At a tasting event for the liqueur at the Clover Club in Brooklyn this week, I took my first swig of the Amaro di Angostura, neat. It was smooth to the lips, not leaving a medicinal, bitter or burning taste; I could just taste the balanced flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, liquorice and, of course, the alcohol and bitters neither of which were overpowering.

Also on offer at the Clover Club event were three cocktails crafted by Angostura’s Global Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones, and North America Brand Ambassador, David Delany Jr: Amaroni, Road to Manhattan and the Maracas Bay Sizzler. Liking all things sweet, my favorite was the Maracas Bay Sizzler, which combines Amaro Di Angostura with Angostura 1824 premium rum, and raspberry syrup. A great addition to crafted cocktails, I can also see this being a top choice as a chaser at summer partiesโ€”and as an ingredient for my killer jerk burgers!!!