Toppa Top ’14: The Most Essential Dancehall Singles of 2014

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December 23, 2014

11. Aidonia “80s Dancehall Style”

Withย “80s Dancehall Style,” Aidonia boiled dancehall back down to its basics, inspiring a run on tracks of similar vintage. Equipped with a crackling vinyl of the Golden Hen riddim and a bit of vocal delay, the track sounds like it comes straight off a live dancehall cassette recording from the era it expertly emulates. That’s all Aidonia needs to briskly buss off a number of fiery verses (including a roll call ofย some of his favorite Jamaican deejays) and once again prove he has the talent to thrive beyond the aggressive, slack tunes heโ€™s made hisย name with. In aย year of experimentation for Aidonia (heย dropped reggae tracksย “Ganja Farmer” and “Youths Dem” and found Rastafari), it was this show of allegiance to “80s Dancehall Style” that made the loudest statement. โ€”Saxon Baird