LargeUp Premiere: Notis + Iba Mahr feat. Tarrus Riley “Diamond Sox (Remix)” Video

November 12, 2014


Years from now, when people think back on reggae and dancehall in 2014, they might actually find themselves remembering reggae and dancehall from an earlier era. That’s because vintage styles,ย both musically and visually, have defined Jamaican music this year, from the old-time riddims that have come back around to the ubiquity of mesh marinas, “Wallabee Clarks” and diamond socksโ€”staple garments associated with earlier times that have become the height of fashion once more.

Embodying this phenomenon is Iba Mahr and Notis’ “Diamond Sox,” a tribute to those very fashion staplesโ€”and old-fashionedness in general. The track was turned into a Rockers-inspired mini-movie by video director Jay Will earlier this year, standing out amidst a flurry of similarly-styled clips with an engaging narrative featuring cameos from Evie of No-Maddz and Max Romeo. The tune itself has remained a favorite, spawning a recent remix featuring Tarrus Riley now the subject of its own video, which pares down the original’s eight minutes to a taut, 3:20 while putting a whole new spin on things.

Tarrus definitely make this one his own, refashioning the track into a statement on Rastaman style that’s not confined to old-school thinking or fashions. (Note the Jordans he’s wearing instead of Clarks). Watch the premiere here: