Toppa Top 10: The Best Moments From the Jamrock Cruise

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November 4, 2014

+2: Shinehead steals the show everywhere he goes


If there was an “MVP” of the Jamrock Cruise, it would have to be Shinehead. Somewhat forgotten since his 1980s heyday, the New York dancehall pioneer has kept a low profile in LA in recent years but, if his energy on the cruise was any indication, we’re sensing a major renaissance in his future. Shinehead was everywhere during the cruise, playing 45s with his sound, Kingston 12, (he and partner DJ Papalotl were the only ones on the ship totaling brought vinyl) and deejaying on other sounds whenever the opportunity arose. When he jumped up during the finale, the other deejays had no choice but to step up their lyrics, or risk looking plain silly. Look out for more Shinehead on LargeUp shortly.