Raggamuffin Reasonings: 5 Tips For Raising A Raggamuffin Child

November 3, 2014


Parents of the current generation are in a very interesting place. Technological advancements are occurring so rapidly, tapping into every aspect of our lives. How many of us have children who spend their days with their noses buried into their phones or computers, playing games, watching You Tube videos, chatting on social media. As an analog mother, I am overwhelmed. I want to throw away all technology, but I am also very aware of the future that our children are walking into. A future where some of the most successful new businesses are coming from youth in technology under the age of 21. The workforce is becoming more and more tech-oriented, and a passion for gaming can open up many career opportunities. Just look at the sci-fi movie Enders Game – a technology driven world is our children’s future. The key is they need to not only be mindless consumers of these products but also producers – that’s where the benefits lie. So I have a rule in my house – for every hour of games played or videos watched, there must be an hour spent producing content to share as well. Balance.