Raggamuffin Reasonings: 5 Tips For Raising A Raggamuffin Child

November 3, 2014


As parents we can sometimes stress about our shortcomings and parenting decisions. We want to do our best for our children. We don’t want to “mess them up.” We want to right the wrongs our parents made with us. But what type of fantasy world are we living in? The truth is we are going to raise children who possess both strengths and weaknesses, who have “baggage” and sadness around some aspect of their life. The secret is our weaknesses can serve to be our children’s strengths and our strengths may end up being their weaknesses. There’s no way to know for sure. We just need to make sure we create a safe, loving environment for them, and the rest will work its way out. My whole life I have been notoriously late and unconscious about time. When I was solely responsible for getting my little one to school on time, I failed over and over again. I felt horrible. Now, as a result, my daughter is very aware of time and is always early. She will never be late if she has anything to do with it.