Toppa Top 10: The Simpsons’ Best Caribbean References

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September 11, 2014

6. Homerpalooza

Bart: “Dad you can’t wear that, it’s a Rastafarian hat.”
Homer: “I’ve been Rastafarian since before you were born.”
Lisa: “Wearing a Jamaican hat makes a bold statement about your connection to reggae music.”

There’s always one guy in a dreadlock rasta hat at a festival, with those fake dreads sewn in. Homer got side-eyed for looking like a sore thumb at his first trip to Lollapalooza. He got called a narc and a poser. But Homer is proud, and lets his roots rock for reggae.

This is another one that’s unavailable as an embed (take it up with Fox), but click this link to watch the full episode with overdubs in Romanian!