Pop Style Pon The Parkway: Cody From Grenada

September 5, 2014

Interview by Kendra Dennis/Photos by Eddie Pearson


Every Labor Day Monday, Caribbean swagger and New York style come together at the West Indian American Day Carnival (aka the โ€œWest Indian Day Paradeโ€ or โ€œBrooklyn Carnivalโ€) on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. We decided to bring our street style feature Pop Style out onto the Parkway this year, and the cast assembled did not disappoint, reflecting the mixture of national pride and personal style weโ€™ve come to expect from this most visually stimulating of days. With New York Fashion Week kicking into gear today on the other side of town, weโ€™ll be sharing our favorite looks from the Parkway here.

Occupation: Fifth Grader
Representing: Grenada
Spotted: Rutland Road, Brooklyn

Tell me about your shirt, I love your shirt!

This used to be a big flag, but we turned it into a cloak. We went to the tailor, and they turned it out like this, so I can wear it as a cloak.

Whose idea was it to turn it into a cloak?

Well, kinda my mom, and the school, and mine a little bit.

What do you like about Grenada?

Granite Beach, KFC, the mall, the fantastic Chinese Food!