LargeUp Premiere: Screechy Dan’s “My Story” Mixtape

August 14, 2014

Words by DJ Autograph


The day has finally arrived! Myself, Kenny Meez of Federation Sound, DJ Shirkhan ofย Safari Sound and LargeUp are all super excited to present Screechy Dan’s My Storyย  to the world. This mixtape is 65 minutes showcasing the many sides of Screechy Dan, most of which the world has never heard. Whether you know the Jamaica-born, Brooklyn-raised deejay’s history or notย (If you don’t, make sure to also read LargeUp editor Jesse Serwer’s in-depth interview with Screechy here), we know you’re going to enjoy this mixtape spanning his classic material (“Pose Off,” “Skin Out”) and new and unheard lyrics interlaced with skits and freestyles demonstrating Screechyโ€™s comedic talents.

From the previously-released sound effects and freestyles to the skits and the tunes themselves, listeners are sure to come away from My Story knowing who Screechy Dan is and what heโ€™s all about. One thing that listeners won’t be able to see is how much of a down-to-earth, humble and genuinely good person Screechy is. It was an honor to work with Screechy and to collaborate with Kenny Meez and DJ Shirkhan on this project. Of course, we gotta LargeUp all the guest artists who appear on the mix: Shaggy, Rik Rok, Johnny Osbourne, Assassin (aka Agent Sasco) and Red Fox.

Download the mixtape below. I wonโ€™t even say โ€œI hope you enjoy itโ€ because Iโ€™m 100% sure you will. And if youโ€™re in NYC tonight come and celebrate the mixtape release party at BNM:NYC, at The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street in Manhattan.