LargeUp Interview: Rolling with Martei Korley

July 1, 2014


LU: When did you decide that besides for documenting this music, you needed to also contribute to it as an artist?

MK:ย It’s another part of my creativity that’s sovereign, and I need to let it breathe, I need to share it. Besides, what I feel about music informs my photography in so many ways.

I think it’s been going hand in hand, always. Somehow, I got to get paid for my photography before my music, which was completely incidental. I decided that focusing on photography as a day job would keep me in a creative realm rather than to continue working in a more linear job, and I guess it kind of put me where I am. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a very large segment of the recording industry, especially the Jamaican recording industry. I feel deeply connected to it, and Jamaica. I have met some of the greatest talents, people I truly admire, and have been fortunate enough to receive mentorship from greats like Dean Fraser and Beres Hammond. It is always inspiring to be immersed in such a vital melting pot of creativity.

LU: Why is your EP called Kingston Konfidential?

MK: This is conceived from me spending a lot of time in Kingston, but this is not necessarily something people know about me. People don’t always know about my music career, as much as my photography. I have been fortunate enough that many of those people, who may be a bit surprised, elected to work with me on music.

LU: What is your “Couldn’t Be Wrong” video about?

MK: “Couldn’t Be Wrong” is about a long-distance relationship, and, in some ways, also about my relationship with Jamaica. The director tried to explore the concept by using travel footage to illustrate that personal space.