Toppa Top 10: Addis Pablo Selects 10 Classic Rockers

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June 20, 2014

1. Augustus Pablo – Java


You could say the story all started here. It wasn’t my dad’s first song but it was one of his first hit songs in terms of a song to be recognized both inside and outside of Jamaica. It came out of Randy’s production. Clive Chin all of them were schoolmates along with Tyrone Downey. They all went to KC, Kingston College, so they all grew up together. This is one of Clive’s first productions. He was 19. My dad made this song when he was still in high schoolโ€”so it was kind of a big deal to have a hit song in high school. From there, “Java” pretty much initiated all the instrumentals and the attention to the melodica as a lead instrument. It made people pay attention to it.