Jamaican Designer Mateo Bijoux’s Industrial Strength Jewelry

June 6, 2014


LG : Tell me about your new collection..

MB: Its mostly inspired by Byzantine architecture. So I took cathedrals and architecture from that era but made it modern. ย But one of the earrings is inspired by the horse carriages up by Central Park. I was walking by and I was like why isnโ€™t this wheel an earring?

LG: ย Do you wear a lot of your own designs?

MB: ย None. I think I like looking at it as art. But to wear it everyday not so much, I only have on one watch and I wear a cross. My mom got me a cross and I always wear it.

LG: So what designers do you wear?

MB: I ย used to wear a lot ofโ€ฆ I call it nonsense. Because it wasnโ€™t timeless. I feel like I was a club kid at one stage, every Jamaican is. Oh god, every year I would change it to some other brand. Which was just ridiculous. And some of it might still be online!

LG: You said you did some modeling when you first started in the States?

MB: I did a little. You have to have patience for modeling. I don t have any patience, I want it all and I want it now. Iโ€™m always pushing myself. I canโ€™t do anything else. I have to make jewelry.

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