Jamaican Designer Mateo Bijoux’s Industrial Strength Jewelry

June 6, 2014


LargeUp: ย So what inspired your first collection?

Mateo Bijoux: ย It started with the zipper necklace. And it actually zips! Then Rihanna wore it and everybody was like okay you need a full collection. It took me two-and-a-half years to really complete it. I donโ€™t think its still even finished.

LU: Do you release a collection twice a year like most designers?

MB: We had two other collections out and we just pulled it right back in because we have to build a brand around one collection and build an identity first. The moment you see a tool you know, thatโ€™s us. The moment you see [jewelry with] anything industrial, you know its Mateo Bijoux.

LG: And how has the collection been received?

MB: Itโ€™s done well, especially in December we launched at Macyโ€™s Herald Square. We were stocking the shelves and we literally sold out. Right there, on the spot.

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