Island Pop Redux: Watch Gyptian’s “Stuck” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—


We’re not ready to call it the next “Hold Yuh” just yet, but Gyptian definitely has another one on his hands with “Stuck.” Produced by Brooklyn’s Ricky Blaze, the maestro behind Gyptian’s signature tune, “Stuck” revisits the breezy island pop territory that made the pair’s previous collaboration such an epic hit.

Situated right in that sweet spot between R&B and reggae, “Stuck” is already receiving heavy airplay on radio in the New York area—and with a tune this addictive and catchy, the rest of the world can’t be far behind. We featured this one when it first emerged back in January, and now there’s a video, shot appropriately in NYC, to go along with it. (A video which could almost double as a commercial for Club Rain, the venue where it was shot, what with its prominent logo placement). Watch here: