Watch Out Fi Dis: Major Lazer + Busy Signal On “Dancing With The Stars”

April 29, 2014

Words by Natalie Weinerโ€”2D274905397452-140317-danica-mckellar-rh.blocks_desktop_large

You remember Winnie Cooper, heroine (and crush of 10-year-old boys everywhere) of late ’80s hitย The Wonderย Years? Well, as so many…post-fame celebrities before her, Winnieโ€” aka actress and mathematician Danica McKellarโ€” is taking her turn on the unfailingly popular television show Dancing With The Stars, now in its 18th season.

Last night Danica and her partner Val brought a serious dancehall moment to the typically ballroom-centric series, choosingย Major Lazer and Busy Signal‘s “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)” as the soundtrack to their salsa routine. Salsa? Well, as we noted when the song dropped, it’s based on a sample of Wilie Colon and Ruben Bladesโ€™ โ€œMaria Colonza.โ€ย The selection came as something of a surprise to the judges. Len, the show’s Simon Cowell, called the routine “a little pop-videoish” (if only he had seen the actual “Bumaye” video) while Bruno called it “ghetto fabulous salsa from the hood.” We’re just going to leave that there…

It’s been a big week for the Major Lazer crewโ€”Walshy Fire’s birthday party landed him (and Rihanna, and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Rita Ora, and Katy Perry… apparently Diplo’s new lady) on Page Six, and now they’re bringing Busy Signal to Dancing With The Stars…what’s next, a Today Show appearance?

So did Danica bruk it down on network TV? Or should she go back to the studio, maybe with a little help from Major Lazer’s stellar dance crew? She did have a broken rib, so maybe cut her a little slack when you watch the video below.