Wild Caribbean: The Caribbean’s Most Unusual Animals

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April 22, 2014

5/4. Red Howler Monkey and White-Fronted Capuchin Monkey (Trinidad)



These Trinidad residents are the only monkeys native to the Caribbean, though foreign species have been introduced in many areas (most notably macaques on Cayo Santigao and Desecheo Island off Puerto Rico, and the legendarily drunkenย green vervet monkeys of St. Kitts). Known for a loud howl, which can travel three miles through dense forest and their bright red coats, red howler monkeys can be found in Guyana and Suriname as well as Trinidad. The white-fronted capuchin monkey resides in 6 South American countries, along with Trinidad. The Trini variety may be the most remarkable: they’ve demonstrated tool-making abilities,ย using leaves as cups to drink water from tree cavities