Wild Caribbean: The Caribbean’s Most Unusual Animals

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April 22, 2014

1. Cuban Crocodile (Cuba)

Cuban crocodile (Rhombifer)

As its name suggests, this reptile is found exclusively in Cuba, in the island’s Zapata Swamp. One of the smaller species of crocodile, the Cuban variety used to roam other parts of the Caribbean as wellโ€”but because of hunting, threatened habitat, andย the proliferation of American/Cuban crocodile hybridsย it too is now considered Critically Endangered. Said to be the smartest and most aggressive of all crocodile species, this Cuban is unique in its predilection for hunting mainly on land, using its longer than average legs. It has also been known to hunt in packsโ€”interesting from a scientific perspective, and the stuff of nightmares for the rest of us…