Blacka’s World: Blacka Loses Himself + Teaches The World

March 3, 2014

Words by LargeUp Crewโ€”


The Winter Olympics weren’t the only international culture clash happening in Russia last month. While the world’s greatest cold-weather athletes were proving themselves in Sochi, our Blacka Di Danca was in Moscow getting an army of Russian dancers in sync with dancehall during his latest instructional tour. If this video (an Instagram-sized preview of a more extensive clip to come) doesn’t speak volumes about dancehall’s global appeal, we don’t know what does.

That wasn’t the only big moment for our globetrotting dance correspondent last month, either: Major Lazer’s Jamaica-set “Lose Yourself” video featuring RDX and Moska dropped Wednesday, featuring co-choreography by Blacka and Major Lazer’s Mela Murder. Blacka, who recently touched back down in NYC for a few days before heading back to Europe for part 2 of his “Teach The World” tour, shared the whole story behind that one in his latest Blacka’s World column, but he sent this message to recap:

I can’t believe it’s been two months since we went to Jamaica to shoot the video with Major Lazer. We had such a great time shooting, and worked really hardโ€”From Diplo directing to building the choreography in the studio with Mela and the behind-the-scenes shoot with the Karmaloop team, this was the best project I’ve ever worked on. I hope you enjoy the footage!

Watch “Lose Yourself” and the aforementioned behind-the-scenes Karmaloop video below, and check the flyer above to see when Blackaโ€”who’s touching down in France (twice) Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Switzerlandโ€”might be coming to your town.