LargeUp Premiere: De Tropix -“Beauty and the Beast” EP

February 12, 2014

Words by Natalie Weinerโ€”


De Tropix, a U.K.-based duo with roots in St. Vincent, has come together to drop another dancefloor-ready EP. Composed of DJ/producer/vocalist Damon Bowen (a/k/a Instinct) and vocalist/M.I.A. collaborator Cherry B, De Tropix always brings dancehall/EDM tracks that seamlessly combine the group’s U.K. house and Caribbean influences. This three-song release includes the soca-tinged “Lockdown,” party jam “Hustle & Grind,” and “Burning From the Inside,” a more contemplative track featuring Larry Love (who also happened to sing the theme to The Sopranos). LargeUp had the chance to speak with De Tropix following the release of their last EP โ€” check out that interview to learn more about their creative process.