Toppa Top 10: Ten Ways To Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday

February 6, 2014

4. Eat Ital ital-food Bob Marley didn’t eat jerk chicken or beef patties, he kept an Ital diet in keeping with Rastafarian teachings. For most adherents, that means no meat, no shellfish and no chemical additives or preservatives. Generally, vegan food and organic vegetarian dishes fit the bill, but the best place to ensure maximum livity from your meal is to get it from your local Ital shack. LargeUp favorites include Dr. Spice and Mi Hungry Whol-Some-Food in Kingston. In NY, Veggie Castle is your best bet for soy chunks, fresh juice and other staples, especially now that Ital Shak in Crown Heights is closed. Prefer staying in? Locate a copy of IMH Publishing’s Ital Food: Easting Rastafarian Style.