You Rate It: Delie RedX, “Loving Them Both”

January 27, 2014

Words by Natalie Weinerโ€”

Delie RedX is a member of Brooklyn-based crewย Noble Society, best known for their catchy, reggae-influenced hip-hop. Albums like 2008’s Take Charge have received acclaim for their seamless use of sounds from around the world, as well as their positive lyrical messages. The group’s been playing together for over ten years, during which time Delie has found time to both enter the fashion world, and support the musical development of underprivileged youth through programs like Boston University’s “Reach For The Stars” Academy. Now, much like fellow Noble Society member Jahdan Blakkamoore, Delie is stepping out on his own musically with the release of his upcoming solo album, Spiritual Warfare.

One of the first releases off the album is the slow jam “Loving Them Both,” which features Jahdan as a guest vocalist. Produced by Noble Society’s Fuego Campo, “Loving Them Both” features a traditional R&B backbeat, which, coupled with the layered vocals from Delie and Jahdan, creates a lush, smooth sound. The song is kind of a departure for Delie – what do you think? Let us know in the comments.