Bumboclaat!: Rob Ford’s Drunken Patois Rant

January 22, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


West Indian culture is arguably more deeply embedded in Toronto than in any other farin cityโ€”even New York and London. What other place could have given us such patois-slanging yankees canucks as Drake and Snow?

Knowing this still could not prepare you for disgraced-yet-somehow-still-sitting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drunken patois tirade in a T-Dot fast-food joint. Ford’s rambling is entirely incoherent, but he’s consistent in one respect: he sounds more convincingly yardie than most Hollywood actors who’ve been paid to play Jamaican over the years. Ford drops more bumboclaats than a Peter Tosh interview, switching things up with a raasclaat, and punctuating his speech with Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace’s favorite exclamation, Chaa.

It’s no wonder every single person in our Facebook and Twitter feed is talking about this clip. Check it out below, along with some possible inspiration for his tirade via the Steppin’ Razor.