Impressions: Super Cat Returns

January 7, 2014


On returning his advance to Pharrell and Arista Records:

I said, ‘Listen, captain. My manager die, and I canโ€™t find a manager in 15 minutes.’ You canโ€™t find people you can work with, and can trust, in one day. This business is a funny business. You haffi know di people youโ€™re working with, you haffi leave tings in peopleโ€™s hands to get done, and you haffi be careful of who youโ€™re doing these tings with. I explained to the gentleman that I am not going to be able to move forward with any project because Fred Donner passed away and, with respect, I want to return your money, not out of disrespect… Iโ€™m a team player. And, if you donโ€™t have a team, Iโ€™m like the thoroughbred you take to a thoroughbred race without a team. How are you even going to get him in the gate, much less to get him in the race.