Impressions: Style and Fashion at Sting

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December 31, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Varun Bakerโ€”


The 30th anniversary edition of Sting was one for the ages. For our full roundup from the night’s performances, see our “Impressions: Onstage At Sting’s 30th Anniversary” feature here.

At LargeUp we know that Sting isn’t just about the performances. It’s also about the clothesโ€”from the tailored pieces artists have crafted just for the show, to the street fashions worn by attendees. Clashes like Ninjaman vs. Shabba and Kartel vs. Mavado are remembered for those artists’ memorable costumes just as much as for their content.

The veteran-heavy roster (Sizzla, Super Cat, Ninja, Josey Wales, etc.) at this year’s show definitely brought their A-game, with Ninja rocking not one but three eccentric looks. Sting staple Kiprich (who lost his status as Sting clash champion to the more conservatively dressed Blak Ryno) donned the most outlandish outfit of the night, looking like a figure out of Where the Wild Things Are in a grass suit.

The crowd at this year’s Sting was more diverse than ever, with international visitors and corporate Jamaica joining the hardcore dancehall crowd in bigger numbers than years past. Despite the changes, dancehall fashions both new and classic could be found in their usual abundance, from leather batty riders to khaki suits. Here, LargeUp photographer Varun Baker brings us some of the most interesting looks.