Toppa Top 10: The Best Reggae Tunes of 2013

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December 23, 2013

Honorable Mention: Mr. Easy – “The Don”


Mr. Easy has appeared on some of the biggest dancehall riddims (Bruk Out, Buy Out, Showtime) over the years, yet even die-hard dancehall fanatics remain vaguely aware of him, if at all. From winning Showtime at the Apollo to joining the Ruff Entry Crew (with Shaggy, Red Fox, Screechy Dan, Rayvon, etc.) to voicing for the Kelly brothers Dave and Tony, he’s done a lot over the years, but it seems his time may finally be approaching.

“The Don,” from an upcoming project with Brooklyn’s Ricky Blaze (look out for more from the pair on LargeUp after the New Year), is undeniably fun, retro, futuristic and crazy lyrical all at the same time (note his slang references for every part of the body starting from top to bottom in the first verse). The late-year release is still a “sleeper,” but this one’s so good, the word has to get out soon. โ€”DJ Gravy