Ground Provisions: Dominica’s Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant

October 25, 2013

Words and Photos by Martei Korley
Dominica's Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant

Thank you is what comes to mind when thinking of the way Levia and Aldon of Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant literally took care of yours truly during my stay in Dominica. As LargeUp undertook the task of covering the entire island of Dominica AND the festivals happening on the island in just one week last October, serious nourishment was required. And the steamfish from this food truck was just what the doctor ordered: Fresher than fresh and drizzled with mouthwatering creole sauce.

This truck serves well as a metaphor for the hospitality and kindness of the Nature Island. Although Levia Edwards, the proprietor, and Aldon (the man featured in the pic below) came all the way from Castle Bruce on the other side of the island, they were ubiquitous in the quaint capitol of Roseau, serving up fish and other Dominican specialties on the capital city’s waterfront and the Windsor Park cricket stadium for the World Creole Music Festival. While the food throughout the island was delicious, it was Cater Truck that I found myself returning to night after late night.

Aldon, a reggae artist in his own right, found it hard to get away from his responsibilities to his hungry, local customers to enjoy the show. But a suh it guh sometimes. Or, as Dominicans love to say: Yes I!!!

If you’re in Dominica for the World Creole fest, which kicks off today (see our story about it here), keep an eye out for Levia and Aldon. Your stomach will thank you. And, if you’re not, we’ve got the second best thing to being thereโ€”LargeUp’s “Beautiful Dominica” webisode series. Check out the trailer below, and look out for Part One, Creole Culture, later today.