Toppa Top 10: Raggamuffin Gangster Rap

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October 3, 2013

1. N.W.A., Efil4zaggin

The pseudo-dancehall vibes run throughout Efil4zaggin, N.W.A.’s controversial second album, from the opening track, “Prelude,” through the closing track “Dayz of Wayback,” and most prominently on the singleย “Alwayz Into Something.” But while he may not exactly sound authentic, the album’s mysterious, toasting host Admiral D is hella entertaining and kind of brilliant in his own way. But just who is this mysterious figure shouting how he “Keep Babylon on the run, seen”? Well, after looking into it thoroughly, we can tell you that it’s none other than the D.O.C. himself. Don’t believe us? Pay close to attention to “It’s Funky Enough” and the similarities become clear.

So, in summary: raggamuffin gangster rapโ€”not very authentic, or particularly organic, but entertaining nonetheless. A lot like the recent ’90s dancehall-samples-in-rap fad, isn’t it?