Carnival Checklist: 8 Things You Must Do At Belize’s September Celebrations

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2. Eat some local food

For seafood, see #3, but for the truly local fare, you have to try all of the following:

A. Breakfast – Tacos! No, no, not those kinds of tacos, Belizean tacos: soft corn tortillas filled with chicken or pork and topped with “secret” sauce/salsa, and then rolled. EVERY Belizean swears by “their” taco vendor so find a local, get up early, and order a lot.

B. Lunch – Lunch can be a variety of different things but, on weekends, and primarily during the celebrations, find yourself a good barbecue. Barbecued what? CHICKEN, what else? Although some chefs have started to barbecue steak and other meats, chicken is your best bet.

C. Dinner – Chinese food. Chon Saan Palace is my go-to restaurant. Try this and don’t be shy: fried chicken with STEAK sauce. Like I said, don’t be shy!