Carnival Checklist: 8 Things You Must Do At Belize’s September Celebrations

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September 9, 2013

Words by Dion Peyreโ€”

This week marks the start of Belize’s festive seasonโ€” the September Celebrationsโ€”which officially kick off tomorrow with St. Georgeโ€™s Caye Day. We reached out to our Belize connect, Dion Peyre of Brotherhood Promotions, for a roundup of all the ‘must dos’ for anyone coming to Belize to celebrate.ย 

September is the most party-filled month of the year in Belize, because of our two biggest holidays: the The Battle of St. Georgeโ€™s Caye Day on the 10th, and Independence Day on the 21st. The partying starts in late August and goes all the way through the end of September. If you are in Belize for the September Celebrations, there are eight things you have to do to make the most out of your trip. Although there will be tons of parties and activities all over the country, this list is for the people who plan to make Belize City their hub.