Throwback Thursdays: Tifa on Snow’s ‘Anything For You’

August 29, 2013

Words by Tifaโ€”


You’ll know Jamaican bad gal Tifa from tracks like ‘Dash Out’, ‘Wife Me Up’ and ‘Champion Bubbler’. We knew she grew up listening to dancehall, so we asked her for her favourite throwback track:

‘Anything For You’ is one of my favourite dancehall tracks. Not only was it a major hit, but it’s also one of the most beautiful love songs and it’s DANCEHALL!!! What’s amazing about it is that many people are on the track singing about life and each verse connects right through the song. I remember sitting and playing the song over and over, memorizing it line for line as a child. I’d rush to the TV when the video came on. I loved the dancing and the fashion. Big tune and video, from then ’til now.