EVENT: Rice & Peas at Harlem’s Sweet Spot Festival

August 12, 2013

Words by LargeUp Crewโ€”


Giant Step and LargeUp are joining forces to bring the legendary Rice & Peas Party to Harlem, for this year’s edition of the Sweet Spot Festival.

On Sat. August 17, downtown NYC’s favorite dancehall party heads uptown to Jackie Robinson Park for a daytime, family event, with special guest Screechy Dan. Holding down the sounds at the free event will be the Rice & Peas massiveโ€”Max Glazer, DJ Gravy and Micro Donโ€”as well as Klash City and Herbert Holler. The Harlem edition of Rice & Peas also features vintage, jewelry and food vendors at the Sweet Spot Marketplace, as well as kids activities, free fitness workshops and giveaways from Jet Blue.

Bring your dancing shoes, reserve a picnic table at sweetspotfestival.com, find your sweet spot and come to dance, shop and relax! And look out for LargeUp’s feature on Screechy Dan later this week.