Fashion Fridays: Rihanna Lets Her Caribbean Colors Fly at Crop Over

August 9, 2013

Words by Mikaila Brownโ€”


This week Rihanna made headlines while attending Crop Over, Barbados’s annual carnival festivities. At first the media attributed her silver, glitter leotard and on-all-fours wuk up activities to typical, wanton Rihanna shenanigans. However, quickly, reporters realized that Bad Girl Riri’s sequined bikinis and feather headrests were really a typical part of the Bajan festival.

Unlike the public outcry that accompanied Rihanna’s Crop Over debut in the media two years ago, the media did a fairly sensitive job of acknowledging the Bajan tradition, and its components of excessive booze and bubbling. This progress is evidence that Rihanna, against the better judgement of her handlers, remains committed to staying true to her Caribbean roots, and thus exposing these roots to a mainstream media that doggedly chronicles her every move.

Not only do we see this commitment to her Caribbean through the amazing paparazzi pics that surface of her in typical Carnival plumage. But many of her concert outfits show a strong Caribbean influence through their bright colors, swimsuit-like cuts, and overall skimpiness. It’s only a testament that you can take the girl out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the girl.