Pon Tour: Blacka Di Danca Makes A Splash in Europe

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July 30, 2013

Words by LargeUp Crew, Photos by Enrico Migliettaโ€”

LargeUp family Blacka Di Dancaโ€”maybe you caught him recently in Busta Rhymes’ “Twerk It” videoโ€”is currently touring Europe, spreading the gospel of dancehall in a series of workshops at some of the continent’s top dance studios.

“So far, my workshops are nothing less but magical,” Blacka reports back to us from Italy, where he’s spent the last eight days. “I’ve had students fly from France and even Belgium to come to Italy for my workshops. I had a student travel 11 hours by bus… I’ve had students follow my workshops from city to city.”

These pics of Blacka and students by photographerย Enrico Miglietta are from Bergamo, Italy, where Blacka taught a class called “The Italian Job Volume 2” (organized by Americana Exotica Association Dance & Culture and Dextyle) at the Accademia di Capoiera and, apparently, had time for a swim.

“Some people say dancehall is dead, but they’re completely wrong,” Blacka says, in closing. “It’s more alive than ever.”

See here for more details on Blacka’s LargeUp-sponsored trek, including Saturday’s class at Paris’ famed Studio MRG, and hit the pic below to scroll through the photo gallery.