Mixtape Mondays: Wayne & Wax, Dre Skull, Federation Sound, Madd Spider Productions

July 22, 2013

Words by The Largeโ€”


With Deejay Theory out in the wilds of Mendocino, California, at the Northern Nights Festival, we tapped London-based selectress The Large (of music website/clothing brand Shimmy Shimmy) to handle the programming for this week’s extra-large (duh) edition of Mixtape Mondays.

We’re in Carnival countdown mode over here in London, but seems like the dancehall mixes are popping off ’round the world as everyone gets into the summer vibe. Here are four offerings from the USA to JA: party mixes from ethno-musicologist Wayne Marshall and producer Dre Skull, as well as Max Glazer dropping educational dubplates for RBMA, followed by a one-producer mix from Madd Spider Productions.

Wayne & Wax, Pico Picante: More often than not, Wayne Marshall’s mixes are like audio essaysโ€” tracing the genealogy of famous riddims across the world, piecing together musical themes and altogether making people think about music in a new light. His latest mix is more like what Dr Dancehall does to unwind โ€” a mix for Boston party Pico Picante that quite naturally flows through new & classic dancehall, reggaeton and global club sounds. Stream and download below, see here for track list.

Dre Skull, URB Presents Dre Skull: It’s a wonder that Dre Skull has time to fit in a new mixtape, what with his duties producing the upcoming Popcaan album, running his label Mixpak and touring Europe. This mix for URB passes by 90s dancehall, 2013 hitters and some heavy Mixpak releases. Stream and download below.

Federation Sound, Murder Dubs: If you’ve ever listened to the Federation Sound podcast or Max Glazer’s show(s) on Radio Lily, then you’ll know they’re holding an arsenal of dubplates. While you may have heard almost all of the tracks included in this podcast for RBMA, Max Glazer peppers the mix with his own commentary, dropping knowledge on the NY scene, 90s dancehall labels and all kinds of interesting tidbits that you’d expect from an industry veteran.ย Stream, download and tracklist here.

Madd Spider Productions, The Journey Volume 1: Jamaican production outfit Madd Spider haven’t been around too long but have already made some great, but sadly underrated, riddims. They work in the old school tradition of making about 20 cuts to a riddim, and in this mix you get every single one, with highlights from Wayne Wonder, Liquid, Mr Lexx and Delly Ranx. Stream below, download and tracklist here.