Toppa Top 10: Jay-Z’s Most Jamaican Moments

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July 16, 2013

1. “Feelin It” Video (1996)
Jay-Z’s Jamaican moment: “Feelin It” was shot in Negril, Jamaica
One of the lesser known singles on Jay’s debut Reasonable Doubt (but one of our favorite songs by him, ever) the champagne-smooth “Feelin It” is also the subject of one of his least remembered music videos. But it’s a classic nonetheless, especially for those who appreciate the finer things in lifeโ€” like gold jewelry, yachts, and lovely Jamaican scenery, female and otherwise. As with some of Jay’s other videos from that period, he’s depicted as a Tony Montana figure in Scarface-inspired mob scenes, showing off next-level expensive jewelry (note the yellow gold Presidential Rolex, likely a rap video first). Except instead of gaudy ’80s Miami, the setting for Jay-as-Tony’s cigar-scented hostile takeover is a classy, old-world villa in Negril.