Virgin Island Visuals: Watch I-Grade Records’ Songbird Riddim Video

Words by Kaya.lah—


From the center of “Kult-JAH” in the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix (aka Cruz), I-Grade Records has just released a class production called the Songbird riddim. The roster for the release is heavy with rootical talents, with artists spanning the USVI (Midnite, Pressure Buss Pipe) as well as Jamaica (Glen Washington, Lutan Fyah), along with NY-via-Guyana’s Jahdan Blakkamoore. A new video, directed shot and edited by Shoury Santana and Ramon Andino, properly mixes some of the 16 tracks, with appealing visuals that take us between St Thomas to St. Croix.

Pressure Buss Pipe intros the video at home on St. Thomas aka Rock City, amongst some of those deep western regions of the island where the Ras Tafari way of life still thrives, with “Rain,” a quality addition to his culture music catalog. Also from Rock City, but appearing on Cruzian shores, is Niyorah with “War is Not the Answer.” Bridging the gap is Misael, of Puerto Rico’s renowned Da Overground, displaying a soulful effort on “The Power of Love.” With gripping imagery of St. Croix behind them, Junior P and Dushane are featured comfortably with their messages “Times ah get Hard” and “Holding on to Freedom,” respectively. Last but not least is “So Beautiful,” a well-made ballad by veteran of the business Ras Batch.

Watch the video below, and check out the full roster for the riddim release here.