Toppa Top 10: The Ten Best Caribbean Eats in NYC

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June 6, 2013

4. Trini Paki Boys Cart
(43rd Street and 6th Avenue, Manhattan)

Photo: Kevin Ornelas

Predating NYCโ€™s current obsession with gimmicky food trucks, the Trini Paki Boys Cart is one of the cityโ€™s most unique variations on a classic New York staple: the roadside halal cart. Mohammed Khan, a vendor of mixed Pakistani and Trinidadian parentage, and his Trini mum Fatima serve up halal โ€œstreet meatโ€ with a Caribbean flavor twist, but what really makes Trini Paki Boys so incredible (and so surprising to find in a sanitized, corporate stretch of Midtown Manhattan) is Trini staples like shark and bake (fried shark meat sandwich) and doubles. Get both with tamarind sauce.