LargeUp Premiere: Sizzla, “Good Love”

April 22, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”
SSizzla - The Messiah - Artwork

In most years, the uber-prolific Sizzla would already have several albums out by this time. But the singer, still recovering from last year’s serious motorcycle accident, is just now getting set to release his first 2013 LP, The Messiah, through his Kalonji label, via VP Records. We recently received a preview of the albumโ€”reportedly Sizzla’s 70thโ€”and one of the tracks that really grabbed our attention was “Good Love.” And not just because it’s Sizzla’s third song by that title (he previously appeared on a hip-hop influenced Lady Saw tune by that name, and released one of his own in 2011).

Sizzla’s falsetto tunes can be hit or miss (as was the case with the 2011 “Good Love”) but this one falls in the former category, with the singer hitting all the right notes on the old-school R&B influenced ditty. It’s been a while since Sizzla has had a tune that’s really caught on commercially but, based on what we’ve heard of The Messiah so far, we have a feeling the drought may soon end.

Stream “Good Love” below and look out for The Messiah on May 26.

Sizzla-Good Love