Grind Time: Watch K i T’s “Jackhammer” Video + Download Bert on Beats’ Remix

April 1, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Kit Jackhammer

Repping Curacao by way of the Netherlands, Dutch Antillean crew K i T call their sound—a mixture of tropical bass/EDM, Caribbean riddims and a little touch of Brazilian baile funk—”Tambutronic.” Their name, K i T, meanwhile, is short for Kuenta i Tambu, which translates to “stories and drums” in Papiamentu.

K i T’s single “Jackhammer” is an anti-bad dancing PSA (the title references awkward, up-and-down dancefloor movements) and an anthem for Caribbean girls and women of all nationalities who know the value of—and technique behind— a good wine.  As vocalist Diamanta puts it, “I don’t know nothing about no jackhammer… we Caribbean women need to grind hard.” While touring the ABC islands—that’s Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao—last year, the group shot a video illustrating the song’s point a few different ways.

Watch the video below, get an exclusive download of Bert on Beats‘ remix of “Jackhammer” from K i T’s newly released Jackhammer EP, and check out more sounds from the EP here.