LargeUp Premiere: Charly Black & J Capri’s “Wine & Kotch”

March 25, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”
Capri Whine and Kotch Video

Charly Black and J Capri‘s “Wine & Kotch” is a mix of current and throwback vibes. Current dance trends are the center of the RVSSIAN-produced track, but the drums and 808 bass drops have a distinctly ’90s feel to them. The song’s Dennis Brown-directed video picks up on these cues, with J Capri (a new artist on RVSSSIAN’s Head Concussion Records) styled in ’90s dancehall looks. This song is already doing big things up in Europe, having topped the iTunes reggae chart in France, and the video is sure to help spread it further. Watch below, and buy the single here.

Charly Blacks & J Capri - Whine & Kotch