Pon Di Stage: Cedella Marley’s “Three Little Birds” Becomes A Play

March 18, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”


Last year, we chatted with Cedella Marley about her amazing and inspiring childrenโ€™s literature. We talked about the importance of sharing her fatherโ€™s messages with the youth and, now, the Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo, Maryland, near Washington D.C., has found a creative and relatable way to do it. They have adapted Cedellaโ€™s book, Three Little Birds, into a musical performance for children ages four and up. The show follows three little birds who try to help a child named Ziggy face his fears of the outside world. The birds and Ziggyโ€™s friend Nansi encourage him to explore the beautiful island, Jamaica and the whole thing is set to the sweet sounds of Bobโ€™s music.

This show is definitely a good look for all you parental reggae-enthusiasts our there, as this is something both you and your child can enjoy. The show, which opened March 15, runs through June 2nd at the Adventure Theatre Musical Theatre Company (buy tickets here) but our fingers are crossed that they will take this show on the road and spread the love to children all over.