Yardie Vision: Watch Stylo G’s Sound Bwoy” Video

March 12, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”


Stylo G has been on the up and up as one of the UK’s most popular dancehall artists for a while now, with tunes like “Winter Swag” and “Call Mi a Yardie” getting plenty of play on radio and in the bashment. Now he’s hit us with something a little different than what we’ve heard from him before. His new party chune “Sound Bwoy” definitely has a reggae feel but also a pop/electronic vibe. To accompany the single, which officially drops in May on 3 Beats records, he has dropped some visuals with some burning speakers complementing the usual scenes of attractive female dancers in the bashment. What may be most notable for the ladies, though, is the commanding presence and good looks of Mr. Gee himself.

See the video below for your Stylo fix and stream the Soundcloud link to listen to Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor’s bashy remix of “Sound Bwoy.”