Mixtape Mondays: Cocotaxi, So Shifty, The Heatwave

March 4, 2013

Words by DJ Theoryย โ€”

MM 26

Welcome back to another edition of your weekly Caribbean mixtape fix. We’re covering some solid ground this week, with three European sounds all bringing something different to the plate. Catch some downloads below.

Cocotaxi, Rosso’s Car Mix (Dancehall Edition): Killer new mix from Stokholm, Sweden-based Cocotaxi. Though they call it a Dancehall Edition, there’s actually a gang of different vibes here, with an emphasis on low end and a keen approach to the tropical bass sounds that are shaking up the globe right now. Really well rounded tracklist and smooth transitions set this one off, with reggae and dancehall meeting soca, moombahton, cumbia, hip hop, dubstep, all in one fluid ting. Mix up your Monday with this one. Stream and download below, tracklist here.

So Shifty, Chuleria: We haven’t included too many 100% reggaeton mixes on MM, so why not squash that right now and get into this new jawn from the So Shiftyย familia. Strictly 2013 reggaeton selectionsโ€”in the vein of their razor sharpย 2013 soca mixโ€”ย these gentleman do their homework and never fail to show and prove.ย PR massive stand up, or in this case, perreo. Stream and download below, tracklist here.

The Heatwave, 100% Busy Signal: What better way to round out this week than with a fully-loaded soundtrack of 100%ย Busy Signal from UK badman/LargeUp contributor Gabriel Heatwave. The Heatwave have murdered these tributeย mixes in the past on their regular Rinse FM program, and this one is no different rinsing out two hours of back to back hits and B-sides from one of our top-rated artists in reggae and dancehall. No brainer for Busy fans… Stream and download below, tracklist here.