Toppa Top 10: Ten Artists You Might Not Know Are Guyanese

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February 21, 2013

2. Eddy Grant
Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant might be living in Barbados these days (where in recent years he’s led a movement to fuse the Caribbean’s various music styles into a single aesthetic and philosophy, which he refers to as “ringbang”) but he’s a product of Plaisance, Guyana. Grant migrated to London as a lad, where he formed the mixed-race rock/pop/reggae fusion band The Equals (check them out on Top of the Pops back in ’68) before launching his solo career in the ’70s. If you only know him as the “Electric Avenue” guy, check out the early house of “Time Warp,” and the punky synth reggae of “Living on the Frontline” for a quick sample of Eddy’s diversity.