Fashion Fridays: Nicki Minaj’s Leather Captain Hats

February 15, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Butch Diva Nicki Minaj

If you’ve caught American Idolย this season, you’ve surely noticed Nicki Minaj rocking a look that’s more ’90s dancehall than Harajuku. The rotating cast of leather captain’s hats capping off Nicki’s rude gyal look on each episode are actually the handiwork of another Trini gyul, Tiffany Rhodes of Butch Diva, andย leather craftsmanย Opio Chung, formerly of Ethiopian Taste, a famed record store and culture shop on Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn. As you may recall,ย we featured Tiffany and her then-fledgling line in 2011,ย while Butch Diva muse and early supporter, Patra, wore some of the brand’s spandex bodysuits to our memorable photo shoot and interview with her that same year.

We hit up Tiffany to find out more about the hats, which she and Opio debuted at New York Fashion Week last fall. She tells us they are indeed available to the public but on a custom basis only. So ladies, if you’re interested getting a captain’s hat of your own tailored just for your look, Contact Tiffany through her website.

Meanwhile, Nicki seems to be on a real rude gyal kick. Her latest appearance is on French Montana’s dancehall-inspired “Freaks,” which samples Lil Vicious’ ’90s classic of the same name, as well as the Bam Bam riddim of “Murder She Wrote,” etc. fame. Check it out below, if you haven’t yet.

Nicki Minaj American Idol