Audio: “Bunx Up” with Deewunn and Marcy Chin

February 12, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Dee Wunn Bunx Up

More than any other producers in dancehall today, Ward 21 know how to get the best out of the genre’s underutilized female contingent. Suku, Kunley and Mean Dog brought us the ladies supergroup TNT (aka Badda Badda Gals), featuring three of Jamaica’s most entertaining and consistent female deejays, in Tifa, Timberlee, and our own sex columnist, Natalie Storm. The Ward 21 crew’s latest female protege is Marcy Chin, with whom they’ve paired with their male muse, Deewunn, for “Bunx Up.”

As the artwork informs us,ย “Bunx Up” is “Certified Strip Club Music” but it’s more than that; as usual with Ward 21, the riddim is fresh and and unconfusable (is that a word?) with anything else out at the moment, including all of the other bunx-themed tunes (FYI, bunx=bounce for all you yanks and assorted non-yardies) turning up of late. And is that a sample of George Kranz’s “Din Daa Daa” that we hear? Get familiar with the stream below, and look out for “Bunx Up” on a dancefloor near you soon.